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Combo Specials

Combo Specials



Won Ton Soup or Hot & Sour Soup
(soup is served with dine-in only)

  • Includes:
    • Egg Roll
    • Pork Fried Rice or Steam Rice
And a choice of:
A: Szechuan Chicken / Szechuan Beef 
B: Szechuan Chicken  / Moo Goo Gai Pan
C: Almond Chicken / Sweet and Sour Pork
D: Sesame Chicken / Hot Pepper Pork 
E: Sweet & Sour Chicken / Beef with Mushroom
F: Cashew Chicken / Sweet & Sour Chicken
G: Mongolian Beef / Sweet & Sour Pork
H: Cashew Chicken / Sesame Chicken
I:  Chicken Chow Mein / Sweet & Sour Pork
J: Sesame Chicken / Sweet & Sour Shrimp
$1.50 charge for any substitutions on Combo Specials

Prices Effective May 2020


*All prices are subject to change without notice. Some prices maybe different online than they are on location due to site maintenance.