Lunch Specials – China Lights Anchorage Alaska
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Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials (EAGLE RIVER ONLY)

Daily Soup / Egg Roll, Fried Rice or White Rice
And Your Choice of:

A. Sweet & Sour Pork $8.95
B. Pork Chow Mein $8.95
pepper C. Hot Spiced Pork $8.95
D. Almond Chicken $8.95
D2. Cashew Chicken $8.95
E. Chicken Chop Suey $8.95
pepper F. Szechuan Chicken $8.95
F1. Sesame Chicken $8.95
G. Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.95
H. Mongolian Beef $8.95
I. Pepper Steak $8.95
pepper J. Szechuan Beef $8.95
K. Vegetable Deluxe $8.95
L. Sweet & Sour Shrimp $9.95
M. Shrimp w/ Lobster Sauce $9.95
pepper N. Szechuan Shrimp $9.95
O. Sauteed Scallop $9.95
P. Combination (Sweet & Sour Pork / Almond Chicken) $10.50
Q. Combination (Mongolian Beef / Sweet & Sour Pork) $10.50
R. Combination (Pepper Steak / Sweet & Sour Chicken) $10.50
pepper S. Combination (One Fried Prawn, Sweet & Sour Pork, Chicken Chow Mein) $10.95
T. Combination (Szechuan Chicken / Szechuan Shrimp) $10.95
U. Chicken Teriyaki $8.95
V. Beef w/ Broccoli $8.95

*No substitution for lunch special.

*All prices are subject to change without notice. Some prices maybe different online than they are on location due to site maintenance.